B.A.R.E. TRUTH, INC. stands for balance, ambition, respect, and encouragement. The non-profit organization aims to help those who are experiencing hardships, substance abuse, mental health difficulties, homelessness, and unfortunate life-altering events. The organization leads with a passionate philanthropic perspective and seeks community transformation.


Founder Joseph Bradford III has experienced first-hand what it feels to live from shelter to shelter and what it means to be raised by a single parent. His passion to help the community started at an early age. At the tender age of seven, Joseph’s father passed away and within the same year became homeless and lived in shelters with his mother and siblings. Joseph understood at an early age, that often-times good people experience extreme hardships and due to unforeseen circumstances can find themselves homeless and needing assistance.


At the age of nine, he witnessed his mother struggle economically, adversities in obtaining basic needs and dealing with abusive relationships. When he lived in Kansas City, Joseph worked at the age of nine to support his mother. He was inspired to continue in making a real lasting difference by strengthening not only his immediate family, but also communities. Joseph committed and dedicated himself to engage in efforts towards finding resolutions to the homelessness epidemic. He made it his mission to develop an organization with a focused objective. According to the 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, approximately 75% of 45,043 individuals experiencing homelessness were unsheltered (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, 2018). This presents increased threats to health and safety risks. The long-term solution to this issue is housing; B.A.R.E. TRUTH is working endlessly to foster connections for stable and sustainable housing.


B.A.R.E. TRUTH’s mission is to provide mentorship, independent living assistance and wellness services to impoverished individuals and families, helping them attain healthy, purpose-driven lives, ultimately changing the economic and living conditions of communities.


Ongoing B.A.R.E. TRUTH’s philanthropic efforts are providing support to those individuals who dream for a better life, to those who need shelter, to those who are miles from home, and to those who are falling apart in circumstances that altered their livelihood. The non-profit organization meets individuals where they are and elevates them by providing basic needs. According to a motivational theory in psychology, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs argues that while individuals aim to meet basic needs, the ultimate-goal is to meet higher needs outlined in a five-tier model (Maslow, 2014). The human basic needs described as hierarchical levels consist of:

  • Physiological Needs: air, water, food, rest, health
  • Safety Needs: security, shelter, stability
  • Social Needs: being loved, belonging, inclusion
  • Ego: self-esteem, power, recognition, prestige
  • Self-Actualization Needs: development and creativity

B.A.R.E. TRUTH’s end-goal is to touch the lives of each individual it reaches by providing support and transformation opportunities, so each individual can meet their basic needs and beyond. In 2018, 1467 meals were served, outreach services were provided in six communities in four States, and 25 families were connected to housing. The target for 2019 is double or triple the impact to individuals and families who are in need of food, shelter, belonging, self-esteem, and growth opportunities. These positive outcomes cannot be reached without the assistance and support of a dedicated community and team members. Join the positive community transformation efforts! Volunteers are needed for upcoming efforts:

  • Apr 13, 2019 – Homeless / Skid Row Outreach. We will feed and pass out hygiene bags. Accepting donations of hygiene products, turkey meat, cheese, bread, and items for a barbecue.
  • Apr 13, 2019 – Transitional House Grand Opening in South LA. Come celebrate the organization’s opening. Accepting barbeque items for the residents and gathering.
  • Apr 27, 2019 – Transitional House seminar in Los Angeles
  • May 5, 2019 – Homeless Outreach in Atlanta
  • May 18, 2019 – Homeless / Skid Row Outreach. We will feed and pass out hygiene bags.

Recent homeless outreach video available here: https://instagram.com/p/BvUEprTA5GW/


LINK: https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/NDY0ODQ=



  • Be part of the solution – key to a life of happiness.
  • Level up your passionate interest and skills – what are you passionate about?
  • Pay-it-forward – practice gratefulness!
  • Empower people to be their best selves – help others succeed!
  • Create more positive experiences – by contributing time or money.


Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. (2018, July 31). Greater Los Angeles homeless count. Retrieved from https://www.lahsa.org/dashboards?id=13-count-by-city-community

Maslow, A. (2014). A Theory of Human Motivation. Floyd, VA: Sublime Books.

By Maria I. Castro, MPA
Chief Editor
Contact Us
B.A.R.E. Truth Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Email: BARE.truth3@gmail.com
Website: http://www.baretruthinc.org

Date: 03/27/2019

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