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The opportunity to change the world is around every corner. B.A.R.E. Truth, Inc. is eagerly responding to the needs of our community. This non-profit and community based organization has employed a philanthropic thinking and more entrepreneurial approach to become more agile, adept, and prepared to better service communities. B.A.R.E. Truth, Inc. seeks to decrease divisions between corporate and community, …

B.A.R.E. Truth, Inc. News

In the month of August 2019, B.A.R.E. Truth, Inc. experienced exciting milestones. Our ‘Back To School Extravaganza’ was a GIANT success and new partnerships are creating opportunities for our youth. B.A.R.E. Truth, Inc. is grateful for every opportunity, but most importantly we could not accomplish this breakthrough without our donors and volunteers! The compassion all donors and …


B.A.R.E. TRUTH is an organization that provides mentorship, independent living assistance and wellness services to impoverished individuals and families, helping them attain healthy, purpose-driven lives, ultimately changing the economic and living conditions of communities.

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