B.A.R.E. Truth Inc. is a non-profit organization inviting adult men and women with low-income and economic limitations to experience life-changing opportunities through available services: mentorship, motivational seminars, wellness, social services, homeless outreach, and the new TRANSITIONAL HOUSING PROGRAM!! Join us in this amazing journey and be part of our community transformation efforts!!!

housing front

We offer a nice, sober, safe and clean-living environment so you can focus on getting your life back on track.


Residents can appreciate reduced rates resulting from continued support, abstinence encouragement and firm facility policies designed to avoid substance abuse. Statistics proof that sober living / transitional housing are beneficial in recovery. As a result, a study presented in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs identified sober living homes as a vital part of recovery progress. Abstinence rates for the residents examined dropped significantly over a six and 12-month period. Abstinence rates went from 11 % to 68 % over a six and 12-month follow-up period for residents in one facility, while the other indicated an increase from 20 % to 40 % after six months (Polcin & Henderson, 2008).

You will see improved substance abuse recovery and success results in our non-profit organization!! It takes time to transition comfortably, to become accustomed with the transitional housing daily life and to learn how to utilize the life skills, which residents will receive in their B.A.R.E. Truth workshops. Thus, the technical and life-skills will provide residents with a job placement and eventually a housing placement. B.A.R.E. Truth Inc. will guide eligible residents through the process and support them in rebuilding broken relationships, includes rebuilding a strong support network.


Residents will have responsibilities that positively transform them to be self-sufficient. House Rules includes:

  • Chores: Residents will have assigned chores. This keeps the living quarters clean and well maintained.
  • Meetings: Residents will attend scheduled meetings throughout the active transitional housing program.
  • Meals: Residents are responsible for their own meals. The responsibility aspect is highly encouraged in the program.
  • Staying Sober: It is crucial for all residents to remain drug and alcohol free. This will help avoid a negative effect on all residents. With respect to everyone, B.A.R.E. Truth Inc. has a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol or drugs of any kind being brought on the property.

The housing arrangements include the following: two refrigerators, numbered kitchen cabinets and bedrooms, washer, dryer, utilities, cable, and internet, including life skills workshops. Residents will share a room with one or two other qualified individuals.

HP Kitch.

HP 2

There is nothing more splendid, than having a washer, dryer and all basic amenities on site! It will feel like home. For more pictures, check out link below. 

LINK: http://www.baretruthinc.org/transitional-house


The essential characteristics include: 1) an alcohol and drug free living environment for individuals attempting to abstain from alcohol and drugs, 2) no formal treatment services but either mandated or strongly encouraged attendance at 12-step self-help groups (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous), 3) required compliance with house rules such as maintaining abstinence, paying rent and other fees, participating in house chores and attending house meetings, 4) resident responsibility for financing rent and other costs, and 5) an invitation for residents to stay in the house as long as they wish provided they comply with house rules (Polcin & Henderson, 2008). B.A.R.E. Truth, Inc. has similar elements of a sober living housing; however, it does not conduct random drug or alcohol screenings. As mandated reporters, suspected abuse among residents are reported to their assigned Social Workers, subsequently they will monitor substance abuse screenings.


B.A.R.E. Truth Inc. partnered with YWCA in Charlotte, North Carolina. This most recent and productive partnership has allowed us to provide mentoring, backpacks, headphones, educational videos, bean bags, and school supplies to 35 kids in K-5. Children were encouraged to write notes to homeless individuals to share positive thoughts and encouragement. One child shared a note saying, ‘It’s not always that bad, love yourself and keep trying. Everyone makes mistakes.’ Children are learning to encourage and motivate those in need.

NC 1

‘It’s not always that bad, love yourself and keep trying. Everyone makes mistakes.’ -YWCA youth

NC 2

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Mar 9, 2019 – Homeless Outreach on Skid Row. This month we are working with Environmental Charter Middle School. The kids and faculty are helping us prepare sandwiches and hygiene bags after school March 8th.
  • Apr 13, 2019 – Homeless / Skid Row Outreach.
  • May 18, 2019 – Homeless / Skid Row Outreach.
  • June 15, 2019 – Homeless / Skid Row Outreach.

This is your chance to JOIN US AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

DONATE & CLICK HERE (easy & secure):
LINK: https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/NDY0ODQ=
All your donations are 100% tax deductible.


B.A.R.E. TRUTH, INC. stands for balance, ambition, respect, and encouragement. The non-profit organization aims to help those who are experiencing hardships, substance abuse, mental health difficulties, homelessness, and unfortunate life-altering events. The organization leads with a passionate philanthropic perspective and seeks community transformation. Join our efforts and be part of the transformation!!


The above picture presents Joseph Bradford III, Founder and his amazing volunteers at the Skid Row homeless outreach event delivering food and about 1000 water bottles, including spreading words of encouragement. The below picture shows Joseph Bradford III with Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr. of the 59th District at the Slauson Recreation Center who is supporting B.A.R.E. Truth, Inc.



‘Thank you and your colleagues for coming to YWCA to engage with children in fun activities and reminding them to give back to their community and to be an overall good citizen. We are greatly appreciative of your commitment working with youth around the country.’ -Mary Lowery, YWCA Learning Center Coordinator

‘You are so incredible. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. I watch all your movements and I smile.’ -Anonymous

‘I love what you’re doing and want to be part of it. It hits home for me. My parents lost our home when I was 16 yrs. old. They moved in with my grandmother and my two youngest sisters. I stayed here and there near my lost home to finish the same high school. I’ve slept in my car some nights; so, homelessness is something close to my heart.’ -Nurse J


  • Be part of the solution – key to a life of happiness.
  • Level up your passionate interest and skills – what are you passionate about?
  • Pay-it-forward – practice gratefulness!
  • Empower people to be their best selves – help others succeed!
  • Create more positive experiences by – contributing time or money.

Polcin, D. L., & Henderson, D. M. (2008). A clean and sober place to live: philosophy, structure, and purported therapeutic factors in sober living houses. J Psychoactive Drugs, 40(2), 153-9.

By Maria I. Castro, MPA
Chief Editor
Contact Us
B.A.R.E. Truth Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Email: BARE.truth3@gmail.com
Website: http://www.baretruthinc.org

Date: 03/03/2019

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